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Last Update: 12/14/11 0937
Metlists, Inc. - Venues - Candlestick Park
Candlestick Park

Past Venue Names:
Bay View Stadium 1958 - 1960
  Candlestick Park 1960 - 1995
  3COM Park 1995 - 2002
  San Francisco Stadium at Candlestick Point 2002 - 2004
  Monster Park 2004 - 2007
  Bill Walsh Field 2007 - 2008
  Candlestick Park 2008 - Forever
602 Jamestown Ave
San Francisco, CA 94124
Venue Type:
Operating Years:
1960 - Present
80,000 (approx)
Metallica Shows Played:
Saturday July 16th, 1988
  Sunday July 17th, 1988 No setlist available.
  Friday July 14th, 2000
  Sunday August 10th, 2003
Known songs played here:
Am I Evil, Battery, Blackened, Creeping Death, Enter Sandman, Fade To Black, For Whom The Bell Tolls,
Frantic, Fuel, Harvester Of Sorrow, King Nothing, Last Caress, Master Of Puppets, Masteritarium,
No Leaf Clover, No Remorse, Nothing Else Matters, One, Sad But True, Seek & Destroy, St. Anger,
Sanitarium, Seek & Destroy, Turn The Page, Whiplash
  • Many people erroneously assume the Monster Park name is associated with the well-known job search website. It is actually named for Monster Cable.
  • Monster Park was almost universally referred to as Candlestick Park by both locals and much of the
    media despite the name change. The Monster Park moniker was confined to the 49ers front office and to some radio and television broadcasters, all of whom were contractually required to use the corporate sponsor's name whenever referring to the park, just as they were with 3Com.
  • Fans in the area (myself included) are sick and tired of the bullshit corporate venue changes, and this stadium has had some of the very worst. A measure passed in the November 2, 2004 election that stated the stadium name would revert back to Candlestick permanently after the contract with Monster Cable expired in 2008.
  • It gets so cold here at night that during baseball season fans who stayed after a San Francisco Giants
    extra inning victory would get a pin that said in latin "I came, I saw, I survived" with the Giants logo
    covered in ice/snow. One baseball player hated this venue so much he specifically put a clause in his
    contract that he could not be traded to the Giants, because they played here.
  • During the last Metallica show here, it was an all day festival, so it lasted from 1pm until 11pm. Fans (including myself) were burnt by the sun in the afternoon and then frozen solid when the sun went down.