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Metlists, Inc. - Venues - The Fillmore
The Fillmore

May 18th, 2003

May 19th, 2003

Past Venue Names:
Majestic Hall
Ambassador Dance Hall
Unnamed Roller Rink
The Fillmore
Fillmore West/Carousell Ballroom
The Elite Club
The Fillmore
[Building Destroyed]
[Building Restored & Reopened]
1912 - 1930
Loma Prieta Earthquake: 1989
Operating Years:
1912 - Present
1805 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94115
Venue Type:
Metallica Shows Played:
Sunday May 18th, 2003 - MetClub Members Only Show
Monday May 19th, 2003 - MetClub Members Only Show
Wednesday May 21st, 2003 - MetClub Members Only Show - Premiere of St. Anger
Thursday May 22nd, 2003 - MetClub Members Only Show
Monday December 5th, 2011 - MetClub Members Only Show - 30th Anniversary Celebration
Premieres of Carpe Diem Baby, Hate Train, and It's Electric
Monday December 7th, 2011 - MetClub Members Only Show - 30th Anniversary Celebration
Premieres of To Live Is To Die and Just A Bullet Away
Monday December 9th, 2011 - MetClub Members Only Show - 30th Anniversary Celebration
Premiere of Hell And Back
Monday December 10th, 2011 - MetClub Members Only Show - 30th Anniversary Celebration
Premiere of Rebel Of Babylon
All songs played here:
Am I Evil, Anesthesia, Battery, Blackened, Bleeding Me, Blitzkrieg, Breadfan, The Call Of Ktulu, Carpe Diem Baby, Creeping Death, Damage Inc, The Day That Never Comes, Die Die My Darling, Dirty Window, Disposable Heroes, Enter Sandman, Fade To Black, Fight Fire With Fire, The Four Horsemen, For Whom The Bell Tolls, Frantic, Fuel, The God That Failed, Harvester Of Sorrow, Hate Train, Helpless, Hit The Lights, Holier Than Thou, Iced Honey, Just A Bullet Away, It's Electric, Jump In The Fire, Killing Time, King Nothing, Last Caress, Leper Messiah, Master Of Puppets, The Memory Remains, Mercyful Fate,  Metal Militia, Motorbreath, My Apocalypse, No Leaf Clover, No Remorse, One, Orion, Phantom Lord, The Prince, Rebel Of Babylon, Ride The Lightning, Sabbra Cadabra, Sad But True, Sanitarium, Seek & Destroy, The Shortest Straw, St. Anger, So What, The Thing That Should Not Be, Through The Never, To Live Is To Die, Turn The Page, The View, Wasting My Hate, Wherever I May Roam, Whiplash

  • No venue has had more different songs played. If you see a Metallica show here, it will be special.
  • Known for it's chandeliers over the floor and for it's posters given away after most shows. A collection of almost every poster for decades lines the walls in most of the rooms of the building.
  • The venue was damaged and closed in 1989 after the Loma Preieta earthquake. After founder Bill Graham's death in 1991 in a helicopter crash, his friends carried out his wishes to restore and reopen The Fillmore, which they did in 1994.
  • "The greatest compliment I was ever given came at The Fillmore. It was Cream and the Butterfield Blues Band. I just happened to go into the rest room during a break. I was standing at the middle urinal when two guys came in after me, one on either side...right out of the blue, one said, 'I forgot. Who's playing here tonight?' Without batting an eyelash, the other guy said, 'I don't know, man. What's the difference? It's The Fillmore." -Bill Graham

Fillmore Entrance - 2003

"Majestic Ballroom" - 1912

Metallica poster given to fans May 22nd, 2003

"Fillmore West" - 1970

* The reason the venue has two names here is because in 1968 "The Fillmore" was relocated to a new location at Market & Van Ness and dubbed
"Fillmore West". At the same time, the original building was renamed "The Elite Club". In 1986, the original building was reopned as "The Fillmore".
The location of the old "Fillmore West" is now a Walgreens.