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Last Update: 12/14/11 0937
Metlists, Inc. - Venues - Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
Los Angeles
Memorial Coliseum

3911 S Figueroa St
Los Angeles, CA 90037
Venue Type:
Operating Years:
1923 - Present
Metallica Shows Played:
Saturday July 23rd, 1988 No setlist available
  Sunday July 24th, 1988
  Sunday September 27th, 1992 No setlist available
  Saturday July 15th, 2000
Known songs played here:
Am I Evil, Battery, Creeping Death, Die Die My Darling, Enter Sandman, Fade To Black,
For Whom The Bell Tolls, Fuel, Harvester Of Sorrow, I Disappear, King Nothing, Last Caress,
Master Of Puppets, Masteritarium, No Leaf Clover, Nothing Else Matters, One, Sad But True, Sanitarium,
Seek & Destroy, So What, Turn The Page, Whiplash
  • Used to seat 101,574 until Raiders owner Al Davis fucked with it