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Metlists, Inc.
Of all 1,769 shows played, I currently have 1,504 setlists and counting! Clicking here will bring you to a list of shows played in each year. Dates in which songs were premiered are listed in red, dates that were a first or last gig for a member are listed in green. Click a date for that show's setlist. When a current tour is in progress, or dates are at least scheduled for the future, you can also find a link to buy tickets to each show.
As of Fall 2006 all setlists and tour dates were completely rewritten by hand and as many venues and cities as possible were investigated and checked. Hundreds of improvements were made to location and facility information. The setlists are now color coded. Click here for a quick color legend.
Song Counts
Want to find out which songs were never played or when the last time your favorite rare song was played? This page lists every single song that Metallica has recorded and then played live. It tells you how many times the song has been played, when & where it was premiered, and when & where it was last played. Click a song for even more information. You'll get a complete breakdown of how many times the song was played in each year, when and where the song was played with any kind of variations (such as guest musicians), what recordings it appears on, song trivia/notes, related images, lyrics, and more.
Venue Details & Information
This is the newest section of the site. This section has complete information on venues Metallica has performed in: Venue stats such as ownership/location/capacity, past names of the venue, photos, connections to other venues, venue trivia, and notable Metallica events that ocurred there. This section is still under construction, so if you have any other suggestions, please post them for me to read. Also post if you have a specific venue you want added.
Individual Tour Stats
This page breaks down individual tours. Setlists on the tour are analyzed from many different angles, it's a ridiculous amount of stats. This page will tell you how many times each song was played on this leg, previous legs, and the entire tour, as well as a complete list by song of each stop in which the song was played.
Currently the only tour listed is from 2007. This section requires a disproportionate amount of maintenance but I plan to bring it back within the next few months in summer/fall 2011. I will try to add sections as tours are scheduled, and might even do one or two more past tours, but for new tours they might not be kept up in real time and for old tours it can only be done accurately when 100% of setlists exist for that tour.
More Statistics
Master statistics page! In addition to the above mentioned pages, this index also includes pages for counting all shows, counting all songs, listing all song premieres, list of how long each song has gone without being played, and more to come!
Message Board
The message board was started as a quicker way for users to be able to submit corrections and additions. Although it leaves me vulnerable to a ton of spam, I do not require registration on the board for you to post. I want it to be as easy as possible for you to chime in. You can also drop by just to chat or leave a comment.
By the way, if you're a spammer, go fuck yourself. :)
Email/Contact Me
If you don't like the message board or don't want to show your information to everyone on the board, you can use this link to send me an email. For now the email isn't checked as often as I like, the message board is a quicker way to reach me..soon I hope to have the site email forward to my phone for quicker replies.
Premiere dates/places are based on known setlists. Songs premiered in 1998 or sooner are 100% accurate in info, but for anything premiered before that the data is not complete and therefore I can only report the known premiere. If you have any setlists to add, please email me and let me know where you got the information.